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phpChess.com is the official home of phpChess, a fast start to offering chess on your site.

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phpChess is simple to install (even on your computer), and lets any group play at your own pace. Yes, we know, these days everyone wants one minute games, but we found correspondence chess is also alive and well. phpChess can be used in almost all scenarios. It’s free,

Download phpChess from GitHub

You can mod it (see GitHub) at your hearts content. Have a look:

By the way: We love for people with coding skills especially in php and java to get involved in the project. We can carve out an area of your own responsibility such as “look and feel”, “Ajax client”, “mobile”, “gadget” if you want. No long term commitment required.


Where to go:

phpChess is constantly updated to enable modern aspects of web design to be used. The latest additions in this are a realtime chat forum and the Ajax front end. Chat is already implemented and we are now tidying the server up to use the Ajax engine throughout.

phpChess runs on mobiles, the web, PC in full 3D and who knows where it is going next. The solid playing platform allows message based technical integration to should you just want to use the platform, but not any of the Unser Interfaces provided.

What is phpChess:

phpChess is a private project involving a few developers who got together because we like technology and we like chess. Chess is great for the mind, it instills the ideal of resolving conflicts without violence,  it helps children to think ahead and it teaches everyone that a life is full of surprises. Chess like music is a great way to get to know other people and make connections. So we decided to bring chess to the web for that purpose.

phpChess started as a website tool, so people, clubs, schools and others could simply download and install a pre-build chess site and start playing. That has now expanded to include a chess program for windows computers, a chess program for java based mobile devices such as mobile phones, and some other bits.

Why phpChess?

phpChess is easy to install, free to use and actively supported. We do our best to answer all mails, messages and support requests within a reasonable time. Since we all like low risk- high reward scenarios phpChess should be ideal for anyone. Simply download it and get going. If you run into issues simple contact us and we’ll do our best to get things cleared up.

Who is behind phpChess

We formed phpChess mainly to ensure that our accounts and risk are managed separately from our private lives. phpchess.com is owned and run by Christian Blumhoff, but due to his lack of coding talent he has key support from Markus Santa from Australia. phpChess is a non-for-profit set-up and we welcome donations. We certainly have not made a profit ever from the project, but that is probably for the best. . All funds raised go back into the project so if you wish phpChess to get better, than please donate. Thank you :)