Thank you for looking at phpChess. Here is a list of features in phpChess and a few sentences on what it is for.

What is phpChess?

phpChess is designed to let anyone create their own chess playing website. simply download the latest version from GitHub, upload the files to your site, create a db and install. You are good to go. phpChess is used by schools, clubs and many other groups.

What can phpChess do?

phpChess has two main sections. As Administrator you can manage the site, approve users, create tournamewnts and games, write newsletters to your members and many more things. As a player you can of course play chess at your desired speed, from correspondence chess through to near real-time chess. You can watch others, play against a computer opponent or just chat with fellow members.

We have created a number of videos that hopefully will help you in evaluating phpChess, and installing it.


Administrator Overview:


Installing phpChess